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Non-Indians seeking immediate entry into India can apply for an India Urgent e-Visa, also known as an India Urgent Emergency Visa or Indian Emergency Visa. Family bereavement, health issues, marital disputes, or legal matters are all possible reasons for requiring this visa. The Emergency India eVisa speeds up the visa application process, making it faster than the regular eVisa. It provides a unique solution for people traveling to India to deal with unforeseen events, tragedies, or concerns. This service is available to anyone who needs a visa for reasons such as attending conferences, tourism, business, medical treatment, or working as a physician assistant. Foreigners facing crisis situations that necessitate travel to India are granted an Indian Urgent Visa (eVisa India for Urgent).The Emergency eVisa is available for genuine cases of sudden and unforeseen emergencies such as: Even if you are not living in India and need to come in an emergency or urgent reason such as a loved one’s illness, you can apply for an Urgent Tourist Visa to enter India. The visa is usually issued within 1 to 3 days.

Requirements for applying for an emergency Indian visa

  • A valid passport.

  • A complete scanned copy of your passport.

  • Your passport should have at least two blank pages and a copy of the first page.

  • You must provide a recent color passport photo.

  • You can use a Credit or debit card for the visa fee payment.

  • A Valid email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.


India is a popular tourist destination, and many British visitors want to experience the country’s vibrant and diverse culture. Indian cuisine is particularly popular among British visitors. The Indian government introduced the e-Visa application system in 2014, and it is now available to citizens of 169 countries. Those who wish to visit India on a regular basis may apply for a 5-year tourist visa, which is available from several countries, including the United Kingdom. The eVisa program has simplified, accelerated, and reduced the stress associated with visa applications for foreign nationals. A foreigner may stay in India for a maximum of 90 days per visit. The applicant with the 5-year visa, on the other hand, can enter India multiple times. The maximum number of days a foreigner can stay in India in a calendar year is 180 days. The government has simplified the application for a 5-year visitor visa by providing the option of a 5-year e-Tourist Visa. For this reason, the foreigner who wants to visit India can apply for the visa without visiting the embassy.

Requirements To Get an Indian E-Visa from the UK

  • Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India. Your passport must also have at least two blank pages for the immigration officer to stamp once you enter India. Copy of the last page of your passport (if applicable).

  • Applicant photo: A recent photo on a white background.

  • E-mail address: Make sure it is valid since the e-Visa will be sent directly here.

  • You can use a Credit or debit card to pay for the eVisa fees.


Individuals must obtain a visa before visiting India. In 2014, India implemented an electronic visa system, allowing citizens from over 169 countries to apply for visas online. The convenient India e-Visa system has made it easier for Americans to obtain visas to visit the country. Tourist eVisas are available to US citizens. Recognizing the increase in tourism, the Indian government has implemented a 5-year visit visa for several countries. This visa allows foreign visitors to visit India for up to five years. Foreign visitors can stay in India for up to 90 days. A candidate with a 5-year visa may visit India several times. The maximum length of stay for a foreigner per calendar year is 180 days. The government has simplified the application for a 5-year visitor visa by providing the option of a 5-year e-Tourist Visa. For this reason, the foreigner who wants to visit India can apply for the visa without visiting the embassy.

Documents Required for Indian e-Visa for US CITIZENS

  • A valid Passport with at least six months’ validityfrom the expected date of arrival.

  • You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the eVisa fees.

  • A valid Email address to receive the Indian e-Visa in their Inbox.

  • Full name (as it appears on your passport).

  • Passport Personal Details Scan.

  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable).


Brazilians and citizens from over 169 other countries can now apply for an Indian e-Visa. Many people want to visit India, and Brazilians can easily do so by submitting an online application for an Indian e-Visa. Since November 2014, the Indian government has taken steps to make it easier for tourists, business executives, and people in need of immediate medical attention to enter the country. Brazilian citizens can freely visit and travel throughout India with the Indian e-Visa, which is an official government permit. If you want to visit friends or family in India, you can get this authorization, also called an India Electronic Travel Authorization. Travelers can acquire their visa in this manner without incurring travel expenses to embassies or facing numerous challenges. The visa remains valid for one year from the date of arrival. If Brazilians apply for an electronic tourist visa, the continuous stay in the country cannot exceed 90 days. Electronic Business Visa: This type of electronic visa allows Brazilians to travel to India for business or business. You can stay in India for up to 365 days from the date of ETA approval and enter India as many times as you wish, but you cannot stay longer than 180 days at a time on any one visit. Electronic Medical Visa and Physician’s Assistant: Brazilians who need medical treatment or accompanying patients who are being treated in India can apply online for Electronic Medical Visa and Physician’s Assistant. This type of e-Visa allows you to stay in India for up to 60 days from the date of arrival and allows you to enter the country a total of three times. Brazilians traveling to India from Brazil must apply for the Indian e-Visa at least four calendar days before the expected date of arrival and can apply up to 120 days in advance. The entire process can take up to fifteen minutes, including uploading the correct documents and paying the eVisa application fees.

Required Documents for Brazilian Citizens

  • A passport with at least six months’ validity at the time of making their application.

  • A return or onward journey ticket plus sufficient funds to sustain themselves through the duration of the journey are required.

  • A recent front-facing photograph with a white background.

  • Scan of the passport page containing personal details like name, nationality, date of birth, date of expiry, and other vital personal details.

  • Means of payment – You can use a credit or a debit card, and since PayPal has become quite popular, you can use that as well.


Indian e-Visas are now available to citizens of 169 countries. This streamlined process will allow many tourists to obtain the necessary Indian entry permit. The India e-Visa was created to make the visa application process easier and attract more international tourists. E-visas are a valid form of entry into India for qualified tourists. Travel to India requires a valid India e-Visa. Individuals can travel to India for business, leisure, or medical reasons with an India e-Visa, which is a digital document. The process of completing the India e-Visa Application is straightforward. Travelers will be required to provide their passport details, email address, and debit or credit card information in order to successfully submit the India e-Visa Application Form.

Types of India-Visas

  • India e-Tourist Visa

  • India e-Business Visa

  • Medical e-Visa for India

  • India Medical Attendant e-Visa

Documents Required for the Indian e-Visa

  • A Valid passport valid for at least 6 months on the expected date of arrival in India.

  • Passport-style photo of the applicant

  • A valid Email address to receive the Indian E-Visa in their Inbox.

  • You can use a Credit or debit card to pay for the eVisa fees.

Indian visa validity and expiration

  • The 1 Month India Tourist Visa allows 2 entries into the country over the course of a month with a maximum stay of 30 days.

  • The 1-year India Tourist Visa allows multiple entries over the course of a year for a maximum stay of 90 days each.

  • The e-Medical Patient and e-Medical Attendant visas are valid for 30 days and can be used for first-time entry into India. The traveler can stay in the country for up to 60 days. You can also leave and return to India up to 2 times within this period.

  • The e-business visa allows multiple entries, with each visit not exceeding 180 days.

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