The HempCoin Revamp: 2014 Grit With 2021 Tech

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Phoenix, AZ, 26th April 2021, ZEXPRWIREThe majority are finally waking up to the reality that blockchain will eat the world and revolutionize every aspect of our lives. Huge things are happening with The HempCoin project, and we’re excited for our continued participation in the ongoing crypto revolution. We have a new website, a new roadmap, a new fiat portal. We’re making breakneck progress on our cross-chain bridges that will bring The HempCoin to countless new chains and give our community access to thousands of new dapps. Keep reading for more details.

It’s Been A Long Road, Space Cowboy

We’ve been at it since 2014, working hard to bring cutting-edge financial technology to the agricultural industry. That’s before the first DAO, before the Ethereum or Bitcoin hard forks, before the epic 2017 bull run, and well before the rise of DeFi.

It hasn’t always been an easy road. Technology evolves at warp speed in the crypto industry. The HempCoin project launched without an ICO in an era where any pre-mine immediately blacklisted a project. All HempCoin’s progress stems from the team’s hard work and dedication and the unwavering support from you, the members of The HempCoin community.

We’ve come a long way since those early days. Here’s a throwback to the 2014 BitcoinTalk ANN post. Bonus points if you remember trawling the forms back then for promising new projects and a chance to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

Fast forward to 2021, and big things are happening with the HempCoin project. Before we drop the list of how we’re completely revamping The HempCoin project, check out this awesome video made by one of our community members. We’re bringing our community unfettered access to the world of DeFi and our clients a seamless agricultural technology experience. Watch HempCoin on Youtube Here.

The New HempCoin Roadmap

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ve laid the foundations for the stunning success of The HempCoin project in the past. Now, we’re excited to release an updated roadmap highlighting our present and future timeline for the project. Lack of funding, a disparate industry, and an epic bear market frustrated our efforts in times long past. Now, with the advent of DeFi, the future is brighter than ever for The Hempcoin community.

HempCoin Roadmap 2021

The New HempCoin Website

Your mother always told you to dress for the job you want. The sleek new HempCoin website succinctly explains to new community members, investors, and clients who we are and what we do. We’re more than just a company — we’re veteran participants in a digital financial technology revolution. Keep an eye out for the new website design’s release next week.

New HempCoin Fiat Portal

Exchanging crypto for fiat and vice versa is one of the most challenging aspects of our young industry. Most people would like to accept crypto for payments but find it difficult to transfer this crypto into fiat. The HempCoin project has partnered with Blockchain Financial to deliver our community the first-ever direct THC-Fiat portal. Now, users can transact seamlessly between THC tokens and their preferred fiat currency.

The impact this fiat portal has on adoption is hard to overstate. Users can easily create their own liquidity pools for THC by using Blockchain Financial’s interface. As a trustless order book system, Blockchain Financial takes no custodianship of user’s assets. Users control the price and execution of each trade between their THC tokens and fiat currency of choice.

One of the largest challenges facing hemp and cannabis merchants today is the ability to interface with the legacy financial system. The ability to accept HempCoin as payment and seamlessly transfer those tokens to a fiat currency of the merchant’s choosing is an unprecedented win for merchants everywhere.

The HempCoin community would like to send a major shout-out to our friends over at MotaCoin for helping facilitate our partnership with Blockchain Financial. MotaCoin has been a dependable connection within the industry. Some amazing people are building the future of decentralized payments.

Partnership With Komodo

The Komodo ecosystem is the most technologically developed and cutting-edge in the entire crypto industry. We don’t take this statement lightly, and we back it up with our over seven years as a project in the industry. The HempCoin project is now working closely with the Komodo team to integrate the project into the Komodo ecosystem, providing our community with access to atomic swaps, decentralized exchanges, and cross-chain bridges.

As a proof of work (PoW) coin, The HempCoin was previously vulnerable to malicious actors. Thanks to the Komodo ecosystems delayed proof of work (DPoW) mechanism, the ironclad block history of Bitcoin now protects our chain. Delayed proof of work is just one way that the Komodo ecosystem and The HempCoin project find mutually beneficial ways to work together and leverage the amazing technology provided by the Komodo ecosystem.

You can join the Komodo discord here to learn more about delayed proof of work and stay updated with the latest development in the Komodo ecosystem. This process also allows you to keep up with the latest info regarding The HempCoin’s journey into the industry’s most cutting-edge technology.

Even MORE Partnerships!

The HempCoin team has been hard at work with our network of blockchain and agricultural industry partners. We seek to foster mutually beneficial connections within both industries, helping to bring 21st-century technology to one of humanity’s oldest professions. We’re excited to announce the formalization of two additional partnerships.

We’d love to spill the beans and tell all, but with the ink still drying on the contract, we’re only allowed to drop a few hints. Keep an eye out for a future announcement, in which we’ll have more details about our exciting new friends in both industries.

So When Moon, Sir?

The HempCoin project focuses on agriculture, and you can’t grow crops on the moon… but that won’t stop us from rocketing to success. As we continue to work alongside some of the most talented minds in the field, The HempCoin team will provide regular updates regarding roadmap milestones and exciting innovations and integrations for the project.

We deeply appreciate the support of our loyal community members over the years. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements — we have big reward programs in the works to support those who have supported us.

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