Playlyst Studios’ To Launch ‘Stream & Swipe’ App In 2021

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Joburg, South Africa, 8th April 2021, ZEXPRWIREIn 2020, the world faced an unprecedented trauma in the form of COVID-19 pandemic. This led to businesses, especially start-ups adapting to the online medium in order to carry on their operations. One such industry that took to online medium like fish to water has been the podcasting business. The unexpected success of podcasting start-ups even led big businesses like Amazon and Spotify to buy them and ride the success wave together. The South Africa-based Playlyst Studios, which was launched in 2019 by Founder Maveshan Chetty, to “change the podcasting game for the future,” is now all set to add another feather to its cap, in the form of an app, that is unique and easy to get a hang of. In a chat, Mr. Chetty talks about the Playlyst Studio App and other things planned for 2021. 

Q – What inspired the new Playlyst Studio app? 

Maveshan Chetty – We all are aware that in 2020, the world faced one of its toughest challenges – isolation and grief. The reality was harsher for the start-up owners like myself because we were new to business and were being forced to adapt a new normal that we weren’t aware existed. As a business owner, I’ve spent countless nights worrying about the future of Playlyst Studios. One such Friday night, I couldn’t get any sleep so I began mapping out a vision on paper. The inspiration was an idea that kept nagging me at the back of my head. I thought what if I was able to build an app to feature all our original content and at the same time allowed podcasters, guests and the rest of the world to connect with each other. 

Q – What is the new Playlyst Studio app about? 

Maveshan – The app is basically a connecting medium, which allows users two main functionalities – streaming & swiping. That is why, we’ve named it “The Playlyst App: Stream & Swipe.” The main idea behind this  app was to build a home for Playlyst Originals content where the audience can enjoy a completely ad-free experience without having to spend a single dollar. This app is going to better than having to spend money on subscriptions or podcasts. The Swipe feature helps the app connect each other instead of alienating. The main reason to install this feature inside the app was that podcasters find it hard to get guests as well as candidates for their shows. One needs to carry out extensive research and then follow up through emails. That is a long process, which takes up a lot of time. Although there are services out there, which might make it easier to find guests but so much red tape and ‘subscriptions’ work as killjoy for podcasters. Therefore, we decided to create a feature within our app that would connect podcasters with guests and also detail all the information required, instead of spending time on emails. The users can simply swipe on a profile that they find interesting and chat instantly. If I may say so, the app would be like a perfect ‘dating’ experience for podcasters & podcast guests.

Q – What is the value-addition that the app brings with it? When will it be launched?

Maveshan – The app brings together podcasters and guests to connect. However, we realize that not everyone wants the same thing. Therefore, in order to make it a customized experience for the users, when you download the Playlyst app, you will be prompted with 3 options – 

  1. I am a podcaster.
  2. I want to be a guest.
  3. I am a listener. 

The first two options are self-explanatory while the third option is for those who want to just listen to the podcasts that we make. 

Last, but not the least, we wanted to make a difference to the podcast realm and add value; therefore, all the features on this app are completely FREE. Also, there is no limit to the number of matches you swipe. Everything on the app is completely free right from the moment you download the app. As a CEO and Founder of Playlyst Studios, I promise the users that no one will ever have to pay for this app. 

Though we haven’t decided upon a specific launch date yet, I assure that it will be in 2021.

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Q – Why did you feel the need to create this app? 

Maveshan – When we began with the idea of this app, we wanted a new home for all our original content to go live. However, as we continued building upon that idea, it grew beyond what we had initially imagined. We still want to make exclusive podcasts live on our app, but, at the same time, we also want to start adding value by helping podcasters and guests who want to feature on shows to connect with each other. When I was first struck with this idea, and I realized that I could build something concrete out of it, we started the hiring process and in the blink of an eye, we got ourselves a Playlyst development team of 3. It is the team’s hard work that has brought us to this stage. At the same time, I realize that this app is going to be focused on a niche audience but I am ready to go ahead with that because I couldn’t sleep till I had this app in development. If I hadn’t gone ahead with this idea, I wouldn’t have been able to rest & I would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life. If we can make a real difference to the podcasters’ lives, we would consider the app a success.

Q – How is this app different from other similar apps? What is its USP?

Maveshan – To begin with, no other app out there allows you to stream content as well as connect with fellow podcasters at the same time. The USP of this app would be the fact that you are allowed to access all its features without paying any subscription or going through any red tape. Also the fact that the podcasters can connect with future guests and have all the relevant information on their finger tips before launching a conversation, is what matters the most to us.

Q – What do you think is the future of podcast apps? Will they make a difference to the art of podcasting? If yes, how?

Maveshan – The future is bright as I am sure we will see a lot more apps and services in the coming years, that would add to the gamut of podcasting & will make a difference to the lives of podcasters. And if as a podcast studio, we are able to contribute, in any way, to this growth, we would consider ourselves fortunate.

Q – What changes do you see in this field since you began your journey?

Maveshan – One of the biggest changes that I’ve seen is people creating podcasts from the comfort of their homes. While many creators are still wrapped up in the idea of studios, lights, large computers, etc, but that is not the case anymore. You can create quality podcasts from your mobile devices too nowadays. What matters is the person behind the microphone – what is being said and who is being interviewed – that is what eventually matters. However, at the same time, quality of podcasts matters too. Releasing podcasts with background noises or inaudible content is trouble. So, whether you are working out of a fancy studio full of equipment’s or a room inside your home – what makes YOU different is your VOICE and your PERSONALITY.

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