Decentralized blockchain platform Shallwe enters Southeast Asia with group buying

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Bangkok, Thailand,  4th February 2021, At the beginning of 2021, the blockchain industry ushered in a vigorous bull market, and the transaction prices of BTC and ETH, the two mainstream cryptocurrencies continue to create new highs.

In the process of making blockchain universal, the application of encrypted financial payment and cryptocurrency in commercial system is considered to be a very important step. From the end of 2019, the projects with encryption financial payment as the core have gradually emerged, but they have basically encountered many problems, such as the construction of application scenarios, the payment of merchants, the accumulation of early users and so on. Especially in the case of COVID-19 sweeping the world, many projects have been stagnant or even have to end.

In this contest, of course, some teams are willing to go against the current and try on a higher dimension. For example, Shallwe, a project that has reached strategic cooperation with Pinduoduo (China), aims at social e-commerce, a commercial application track that has the opportunity to achieve rapid fission, and creates a blockchain version of Pinduoduo to compete in the world based on Southeast Asia.

Based on the logic of group buying, detonate the private traffic to achieve fission

The initial user base is the key to the success of the project. No matter how excellent the project is, if there are not many loyal supporters, it can not establish enough influence.

Shallwe, through the flexible Pin mechanism, Pinduoduo’s group buying method, and the incentive mode of encryption finance, cooperatively works to build the initial user group. With the sales of goods far below the market price as the core, users are encouraged to form groups by inviting friends or by means of system random allocation. After forming a group, random members of the group get the shopping qualification, and the shopping paid by other members of the group will be returned immediately. At the same time, they will be awarded 1% of the amount of shopping. At the same time of realizing the low price shopping, we should really let the participating households make multi-dimensional profits. Participation is “mining”, and the whole process of participation is stable without loss.

Shallwe can activate the user’s private traffic and realize the rapid fission of social users by participating in profitable shopping groups and long-term profitable user invitation mechanism, so as to quickly accumulate initial users for the platform. Users bring profits for themselves through their own private traffic, and achieve drainage for businesses and platforms. This direct and effective way of communication saves a lot of publicity expenses for platforms and businesses. This mode is a decentralized and encrypted financial upgrade based on the successful Pinduoduo model.

Encryption finance and cross-border e-commerce break the bottleneck of cross-border payment

As the representative group buying platform, of Pinduoduo’s main users and development areas are concentrated in the mainland of China. Shallwe’s focus is more on the global market. In order to adapt to the preferences and habits of users in different countries and regions, Shallwe not only selects products and services from local teams under the framework of global unified rules, but also sets up dozens of offline warehouses and logistics cooperation systems around the world to ensure that users in each place can enjoy the most familiar, reliable and comfortable services.

An important problem for global cross-border e-commerce is the payment in multiple currencies. In order to reduce the possible losses and restrictions caused by transactions between different currencies, Shallwe introduced the encrypted financial system as the underlying payment support of the platform. Users can choose to use local currency or designated cryptocurrency for payment, and Shallwe back office and businesses all use cryptocurrency for settlement. This operation greatly reduces the exchange rate loss and cross-border transaction restrictions in cross-border transactions, and brings greater benefits and flexibility to users and businesses.

On the other hand, through such cooperation, Shallwe has demonstrated the application of encryption finance in traditional commercial payment, and reserved space for deep cooperation with blockchain and encryption finance projects in the future.

High quality capital investment and high-end brand cooperation are the cornerstone of platform document development

Today, with the mature and even saturated development of online business, the start of a platform needs a lot of financial support. In the process of building the community in the early stage, Shallwe attracted users to download and use it in the form of large profits, and enhanced the user stickiness by rewarding the points that can be consumed in the platform shopping.

These necessary market expenses invested in the construction period of community ecology will be quickly recovered and made profits through advertising space, group recommendation and sales dividends after the introduction of third-party businesses. Such a business model and layout has been recognized by Sequoia Capital China fund,

which has successfully invested DataByte, Meituan and Pinduoduo, as well as Jinshajiang venture capital, which has successfully invested in Didi, Eleme and Xiaohongshu, and the two top Chinese venture capital institutions jointly lay out Shallwe, which is undoubtedly a strong endorsement of Shallwe’s strength. It also enables Shallwe to share a high-quality supply chain with top e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ali Global, eBay and Jingdong in the early stage. Shallwe not only has rich commodities and brands, but also has the lowest price in the whole network.

Shallwe, with technology, supply chain, logistics and community, took the lead in Indonesia and Thailand in January 2021, taking the first step of globalization from Southeast Asia, which is the most active region in the world economy.

Building a decentralized community is just the beginning

According to the introduction of the Shallwe team, in the first quarter of 2021, while the original user accumulation and community building in Southeast Asia were carried out, Shallwe headquarters has begun to dock with third-party merchants, and will open the entry of trusted third-party merchants in the second quarter of 2021, so as to provide users with more shopping options and more affordable pin group projects together with the platform.

Starting from the third quarter, the third-party businesses will be gradually expanded from cross-border e-commerce to virtual products such as tourism, hotels, offline service coupons, so that more businesses can add services and provide more frequent needs for customers. At that time, Shallwe will transform from a commodity provider to a decentralized third-party service platform.

As a brand-new existence, Shallwe has a strong operation team, reliable technical strength and rich business ecology. It has truly achieved the zero threshold, zero difficulty and zero risk participation mode. It takes daily shopping as the core and uses participation as profit to enhance user stickiness and encourage users to spread. At the same time, it makes it easy for users to create their own wealth channel that can achieve passive income while shopping easily.

Born in a bull market, spanning the blockchain and e-commerce social group buying hot plate, and holding excellent team, with the blessing of top venture capital institutions, how blockchain version of Pinduoduo will combine the advantages of Pinduoduo and encryption finance to become a world-renowned universal project from Southeast Asia, let us full of vision.

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