The open value world: RR qVod will boom soon!

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Singapore, December 30, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, From competing for one million TPS to competing for DAPP ecology, and then to staking and DeFi, from 2019 to 2020, bull and bear markets alternate, and from blowout to batch premature death, the public chain is the infrastructure of the whole encryption ecology and has always been the focus of attention.

Although the industry has experienced twists and turns, some “bad money” have been squeezed out of the industry, but many practitioners are still forging ahead.

In terms of technology, cross-chain, sharding, privacy computing and other technologies to improve the performance of blockchain have begun to mature.

Token insight data shows that among the 71 underlying public chain projects included, 41 projects have been launched on the main network. Among them, the main network online but have not yet carried out the relevant ecological development projects accounted for the majority.

Facing the two big questions of “where are the users” and “when to land”, it is obvious that in the last month of 2020, most of the star public chains still haven’t been able to give their own answers. However, under the attack of many popular public chain projects, CVNT Consensus Value Network has caught up with the rapid broadcast of RR qVod, which is a superclass application and ignites public opinion in the industry.

RR qVod is a decentralized innovative video network system deployed on the CVNT Consensus Value Network. The product system covers three functional sectors: video content player/distribution/search, high-quality content investment, and distributed DSN. Its feature is that it completely shifts the “capital” accumulated in 16 years of YYeTs, the original Internet project, including 2000 Million active users and data pool, and based on this to create an “open value world”.

This “open value world” is exactly the siphon effect formed at the beginning of the launch of RR qVod, which is different from the traditional video products and other distributed video competitors. The specific performance is the distribution revolution, sharing network, and ecosystem.

01 Content Distribution Revolution

In the existing video industry system, the content distribution channel is controlled by centralized oligarchic platforms.

On the one hand, users suffer from difficulties in finding resources, low-quality video streams, spam advertisements, VIP membership fees, no incentive mechanism, no profit sharing channels, etc.; on the other hand, channel users belong to platforms, not content producers, so there are still privileges and layers in the determination of content price and distribution routes.

So, is there a content distribution system that maximizes the interests of creators and users, and solves the existing problems of centralized operation and content purification?

The point-to-point technology based on blockchain and the economic governance model of token give new thinking direction to content distribution. Compared with the traditional content distribution network, RR qVod has the unique advantages of self-motivation of content value and more efficient and safe operation. It fully encourages content creators, consumers and publishers to actively participate in it, to achieve win-win results and ecological self-purification.

For example, in RR qVod, the author can gain reputation and money through ecology, users can obtain content and money through ecology, and publishers can also obtain users and channels through ecology. Although these “interests” seem to be realized in the centralized platform, their distribution is unbalanced and can be manipulated.

Another example: YYeTs has been established for 16 years. It has tens of millions of members and hundreds of thousands of translation groups in the whole network. The uploaded works have the situation of homogenization of content and uneven quality. If only relying on manual review and algorithm recommendation, it will cost a lot of money and cause the problem of inaccurate recommendation mechanisms, which will be in the garbage. Under the capacity filtering mechanism of RR qVod, excellent content and high-quality publishers will be selected by all members. Make the platform content closer to the high-quality content platform.

From traditional giants such as Youku, Iqiyi and Tencent video, we can see that the distribution field has great potential, but the focus of centralization is deep. RR qVod has creatively designed a whole set of solutions – integrating all stakeholders through CVNT technology system, making it transparent, trustworthy, and encouraging quickly. It also calculates the ecological contribution of all parties through the advanced token economic model. It is conducive to obtain scale economic benefits but also has a strong potential in the field of reform and distribution.

02 shared network

This year, blockchain “from virtual to real” has become the focus of global attention. Application landing has become the only way to highlight the value of blockchain. After more than ten years of trial and error, blockchain is now on the eve of application explosion.

RR qVod is the most significant substantive product of the CVNT consciousness value network in the application of blockchain. Based on the characteristics of high-quality content self dissemination, wide audience range and high user viscosity, RR qVod successfully migrates a platform with tens of millions of users like YYeTs to the blockchain value network, to build multi-dimensional, multilingual and cross-border, high-quality digital content sharing network with high freedom and high purity for 4 billion internet users in the world. The sharing network will also become an important part of the open value era that RR qVod is committed to.

Compared with Thunder chain, which has also made good achievements in landing in the past two years, RR qVod is similar to Thunder chain in terms of use-value and user base. However, in terms of application scenarios, thunderbolt chain adopts the strategy of the horizontal and vertical layout. Looking back on Thunder chain’s 2020, from the medical blockchain platform doctor-x to the supply chain finance solutions, from the e-card chain of copyright certification verification to the public credit application of breaking the information isolated island between small and medium-sized enterprises, financial institutions and credit reference agencies, it is not difficult to see that in addition to distributed video products, thunderbolt chain focuses on the traceability, copyright and financial fields.

Unlike the Thunder Chain, RR qVod is more vertical. Through resource integration and technology supply, the high-quality content can be further enabled, and the value of idle resources once seemingly useless by content consumers will be upgraded, and the gathering ability of high-quality content and high-quality content creators will be highlighted. Also, the high-frequency rigid demand of users for content along with the “vertical” users makes the human cloud fast broadcast have many high-quality in the process of promoting network coverage The number of digital asset users is conducive to driving and cultivating the digital currency payment habits of content consumers, realizing the rapid crossing of the threshold for ordinary people to enter the era of digital asset consumption, and thus making CVNT token more advantageous in business extension and extension.

In a word, with the development of blockchain today, application landing cases have emerged in endlessly, but few cases with real hardcore strength and deep vertical cultivation such as RR qVod are still rare.

03 ecosystem

In the open value world of RR qVod, if the distribution revolution is the fulcrum of subversion and the sharing network is the composition of the world, then the ecosystem is the cornerstone of all normal operation.

From the top-level design, video, software, music, pictures, games and other third parties who need network resources can easily access and use them and deploy them on RR qVod to enjoy the convenience of ecology and become the ecological builder.

Firstly, RR qVod provides massive distributed storage space, high quality of service (quality of service) and encrypted data transmission services. At the same time, DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is used to realize complete decentralization. Users with computers, mobile phones and video boxes can join in, which has a good user experience. In the RR qVod file transmission network, any content creator can upload his own works. Users can search and download data in the CVNT network by browsing and searching in RR qVod. After more and more people visit, the works of content creators will be saved by multiple devices, and these devices begin to seed the works of content creators, just like BT seed, which is well known to us, so the works of content creators survive in countless devices.

Secondly, in CVNT Conscious Value Network, to provide better user experience, two kinds of role nodes are used to store data. One is the role of publisher, which guarantees storage services by providing high QoS, and at the same time uses the post to earn storage revenue; the other is the role of ordinary communicator, which only backs up the resources that users like the supplement of the pedestrian role. When users access RR qVod service, users can quickly download the required data fragments from the network through distributed DHT technology, and then complete data can be assembled and recovered by the client.

Based on the VRF consensus main chain + PoST proof + double chain structure based on CVNT Conscious Value Network, the resources on RR qVod are highly available and never down.

Lastly, the open platform provided by CVNT Conscious Value Network includes packaged secondary development SDK, API and development examples of PC, IOS and Android, which realizes stable network transmission and content incentive mechanism. Traditional download stations and content distribution platforms can quickly customize their own sites and DAPP according to their own needs.


In 2000, there was a company called Sun Microsystems, which had a market value of more than 100 billion US dollars. They had their own Sparc processor and Solaris UNIX operating system and had been the mainstream development platform for many engineers.

But now many people have never heard of the name because it has been completely eliminated from the Open Source Software Linux based on the open x86 processor. In September 2017, the last batch of Solaris development team members was fired.

Today, all Android Softwares are developed based on the Linux kernel. An open business system that can maximize its value can defeat those closed business systems sooner or later.

Today, there are many giants in our video industry, distribution industry and content industry. If these giants continue to be so closed, they will probably be defeated by Renren cloud express with openness and value as the core and become history in the future, just like UNIX in those years.

Believe and see.

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