Overseas Traitors Investigation Committee Issued Investigation Order No. 1 to Expose Anti-China “Advisor” Yu Maochun

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The last madness of anti-China abandoned son triggered condemnation from Chinese people around the world

With Trump’s defeat, a group of extreme anti-China elements appointed during Trump’s tenure will also face abandonment and liquidation by the global Chinese. Recently, the Overseas Traitors Investigation Committee issued the No. 1 investigation order against extreme anti-China activist Yu Maochun, investigating a series of traitor actions during Yu Maochun’s work as the chief adviser for China Policy Planning of the Office of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Office. As a Chinese, Yu Maochun not only failed to promote Sino-US friendship and fight for the interests of Chinese people, but embarked on an extreme anti-China road. Yu Maochun joined the U.S. State Department as an expert on China issues after Trump came to power. He became the main person in charge of Secretary of State Pompeo’s anti-China policy.He attacked and discredited China’s political system and domestic and foreign policies, tried his best to play up the China threat theory, advocated toughness against China, and participated in concocting US bullying strategies against China such as trade wars, technological wars, cultural wars, and public opinion wars against China. Yu Maochun’s series of actions and misjudgment of the situation have severely damaged the interests of Chinese in the United States. Discrimination against Chinese people and the increasing robbery of Chinese shops have caused the anger of Chinese people around the world. Many overseas Chinese have also hated him.The existence of this kind of Chinese scums has seriously hindered the interests and living space of the Chinese people, and has caused a extremely bad impact on China’s overseas image and the image of the entire Chinese community. These people must be pursued and held accountable.The Overseas Traitors Investigation Committee hereby solemnly announces that it will issue different levels of condemnation and prosecution against extreme anti-China speculators like Yu Maochun, and investigate Yu Maochun’s behavior in the United States from multiple dimensions such as law, society, economy, and assets.

The establishment of the Overseas Traitor Investigation Committee further marked the unity and attitude of the overseas patriotic Chinese community. The organization’s No. 1 investigation order against Yu Maochun claimed that it would investigate him and called for more patriotic Chinese to join the camp and encourage overseas Chinese to expose Yu Maochun’s crimes against overseas Chinese groups and anti-China behaviors, to further protect the interests and rights of overseas Chinese, and to show a positive image of China. Yu Maochun may face successive prosecutions and investigations from lawyers, Chinese associations, and various overseas Chinese organizations. It does not rule out the possibility that he may go to jail or be tried after he leaves office.

Yu Maochun’s last anti-China crazy before unemployment

The Office of Policy Planning of the U.S. Department of State issued a report on November 17 entitled “The Elements of the China Challenge”. The report appears to be another performance among “Final Anti-China Crazy” that Pompeo and Yu Maochun and others in his team hope that Trump will put on before he officially leave the White House.

The fact is that the report is only a research report on China, not a policy document and does not set the tone for the next China policy of the next government. This last crazy performance by Yu Maochun is more like a hype about the “China threat” that Yu Maochun uses the power that he can still control to set off in the media and public opinion.This report also blatantly formulated a future anti-China blueprint for “how the United States should respond to this severe challenge from China”. It constantly exaggerates the China threat theory. As a person who was born and grew up in China and benefited from China, what he has done is really infuriating and shameful.

After Yu Maochun was exposed, he has been using extreme anti-China policies and speeches in exchange for political capital. The Washington Times earlier exclusively interviewed Yu Maochun (Miles Yu) and disclosed how this scholar-born think tank’s view of the Chinese Communist regime is valued by the Trump administration. Yu Maochun has been expelled from the family tree and his alma mater (high school) in China. Yu Maochun was born in Anhui, grew up in Chongqing, was admitted to Nankai University in 1979, studied in the United States in 1985, and in 1994, after receiving a doctorate in history from the University of California, Berkeley, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy as a faculty member. After the ultra-rightist U.S. President Trump came to power, Yu Maochun ushered in a bright but short period in his career and became a man who had an important influence on Trump’s China policy. With the defeat of Trump, extreme anti-China sects like Pompeo and Yu Maochun want to take the last chance to gain their own political capital, but Yu Maochun must be greeted by the condemnation of the global Chinese and the abandonment of the US government.

In an interview with the US media recently, Yu Maochun imitated his leader to play the final madness. He said that “‘One Country, Two Systems’ is impossible for the Taiwan issue. He also ranted, “China seems to be powerful, but in fact it’s very weak.”Yu Maochun also declared that no matter who becomes the president of the United States in the future, the Trump administration’s China policy concept and operation method are irreversible. His last crazy remarks were more like targeting the next US government than targeting China. Yu Maochun’s deliberate act of provoking greater conflict was also denied by US officials. Pentagon spokesman John Supple told the US Stars and Stripes and the Marine Corps Times in an email that “the United States is still committed to the ‘One China Policy’ based on the three Sino-US joint communiqués, the ‘Taiwan Relations Act’ and the ‘Six Guarantees’.” The U.S. military’s top general and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milly recently emphasized that the U.S. military is loyal to the Constitution, not any person. For think tanks like Yu Maochun, the United States should use them cautiously. After all, the United States is already powerless to start a full-scale war.

Extreme low self-esteem under the deviation of speculator

At the end of September this year, Yu Maochun’s remarks on an online forum hosted by the Canadian think tank Macdnonald-Laurier Institute made people feel absurd and magical realism. Yu Maochun has made many remarks about the “Free World” and continued to criticize series of China’s policies. The term “Free World” originated from the peak of the Cold War. The cold-war and belligerent thinking made Yu Maochun always push China to the opposite.

As a typical speculator, Yu Maochun’s mastery of theory, just like his judgment of the situation, has a big error, and he always lives in a world only he understands. Not to mention relatively rigorous researchers, such as Michael Barnett of George Washington University, who has already proposed in April 2019 that the so-called liberal international order has never really existed; Scholars such as Ikenberry who seriously discuss the crisis of the liberal international order can also objectively point out that the primary threat to this international order is that the United States elected a president named Trump in 2016, and a series of perverse actions by this president and his team after entering the White House, rather than the so-called rise of China,this is the real reason why the liberal international order faces the crisis.

The general view is that Yu Maochun’s behavior is more like to butter up and cater to senior US officials out of opportunism than political strategy. Yu Maochun’s attempt to conceal his Chinese identity with extreme anti-China behavior is essentially an expression of extreme inferiority. Fearing that his Chinese identity would make him not be recognized and put in a position of importance, Yu Maochun tried to win the trust of the upper echelons through extreme anti-China, which also made himself a traitor. The identity of “traitor” seems to enable Yu Maochun to better survive in the US government.

Yu Maochun simply forgot a basic fact tha times have changed, and the world has changed. It is believed that Yu Maochun’s next road will not be so easy to take. The think tank will usher in unemployment and abandonment, and more voices of condemnation and prosecution will follow.

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